What is HFA?

HFA is an independent school in the state of CO that stores records for homeschooling families. By homeschooling under the umbrella of an independent school, your records will be more private and secure and you as a homeschooling parent will have more protection than under an NOI.

How does enrollment with HFA work?

1.     Select and purchase the enrollment package of your choice (and add-on option if needed).

2.     Sign up in our new online Parent Portal.

3. Soon after you sign up for the online portal you will be sent a registration form to complete for your children that are of age. (Age 6 by Aug. 1st)

4.     Once your enrollment is processed, you will receive a confirmation containing a letter of enrollment to serve as proof of enrollment. Additional forms will be located in the online portal to complete for the required records for the year. Processing of enrollment can take up to 14 days.

5.     If you have not already started withdrawing your children from their previous school, you will need to use the withdrawal template in the online portal and submit the withdrawal. You DO NOT need to submit an NOI, curriculum or anything else to the school.

6.      Begin homeschooling with a parent or a designated relative. Exceptions can be made but must be approved by the director. Submit reports by  December 15th and July 1st.

Contact Email: emily@homeschoolfreedomacademy.com Contact Phone: 719-430-5527