HFA’s Core Beliefs

We believe parents know their child best.

The parent, not the state, knows their child’s needs best. These needs could be social, emotional, medical or educational. At HFA we want to foster your ability to homeschool and meet the needs of your child without dictating what that looks like.

We believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

A great example of limited government and personal responsibility is homeschooling in and of itself! At HFA we want to support your rights to homeschool with as little government hoops to jump through as possible.

We believe in parents’ rights to raise their children how they see fit.

No two families are alike and homeschooling families come in all shapes and sizes. At HFA we want to respect parents’ decisions to raise their children how they see fit.

We believe in protecting the privacy of parents and children alike.

Government intrusion into private decisions is ever growing. At HFA we will not require immunization records because your private medical decisions are none of our business.

Contact Email: emily@homeschoolfreedomacademy.com Contact Phone: 719-430-5527