Homeschool Freedom Academy is an umbrella school that values your parental rights, personal freedom and responsibility, and privacy.

At HFA, we know there is a need for more choice in education for families who homeschool.

As a professionally licensed teacher myself, I appreciate the unique options and flexibility that you seek for your children as your family pursues developmental and educational outcomes that public schools may offer.

But with an ever-increasing push by out-of-touch governing institutions that drive a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching children of different needs, greater freedom and empowerment is what parents need now more than ever.  

Homeschool Freedom Academy is an umbrella school formed for you and your family’s educational independence and self-determination.

It’s our desire to see homeschooling families have the FREEDOM to pursue whatever homeschooling looks like to them whether religious or secular, unschooling or classical, participating in a hybrid program or homeschooling in the strictest sense - because homeschooling families come in all shapes and sizes.

HFA offers enrollment packages that will empower parents regardless of their needs ranging from the most economical options, to options that allow for homeschool resources and support.

Please explore the HFA site and contact us with any questions.


Emily Williams - Homeschool Freedom Academy Director 

Contact Email: emily@homeschoolfreedomacademy.com Contact Phone: 719-430-5527