Homeschool Freedom Academy Assessments

Students enrolled in an independent school must demonstrate “sufficient academic progress”. Homeschool Freedom Academy has 3 options parents can choose from in order to meet this legal requirement, testing, a professional evaluation or a parent evaluation.


Assessments for HFA will happen every two years on school years ending with an even number, for all students 3rd grade and up, and results must be submitted by July 1st. The next testing year will be the 2023-2024 school year. 

The first option is testing. The following tests are accepted by HFA:


Students using the testing method must achieve a composite score above 13% to demonstrate “sufficient academic progress.” Test can be taken multiple times and the best score submitted.


Professional evaluation by a qualified person. The law defines this as an individual who is selected by the parent of a child to evaluate such child's progress and who is a teacher licensed pursuant to article 60.5 of this title, a teacher who is employed by an independent or parochial school, a licensed psychologist, or a person with a graduate degree in education. Professional evaluations may also be done by a qualified person outside of HFA but all evaluation results must be submitted to HFA.


Parent evaluation. This is an in-depth evaluation provided by HFA that must be completed by the parent for each child and the results submitted by July 1st. HFA offers parent evaluations at $25 per student but these evaluations must be purchased at time of enrollment. 

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